Blue Cross Indiana Health Insurance for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women should consider Blue Cross Indiana health insurance so that they can avoid huge costs. For those women who are planning to have children, they have to make sure that they are covered by maternity coverage. Most women are suffering from depression during their pregnancy. According to the recent study, one of the most effective ways of fighting depression during pregnancy is yoga.

Most women suffer from hormonal mood changes during pregnancies but some mothers are suffering a serious illness which is depression. One in five women who are pregnant is experiencing major depression during their pregnancy. The good news is these pregnant women who are suffering from major depression can get more benefits from the most recommended stress reliever which is yoga.

A feasibility study was done by the researchers of the University of Michigan Health System. They observed pregnant women who are 12 to 26 weeks pregnant. These pregnant women participate in yoga sessions which lasted for 90 minutes over a period of 10 weeks. The yoga lessons mostly focused on the different postures for pregnant women. It also makes more women aware of their body changes. At the end of the study, the researchers found out that there is some decrease in the symptoms for depression.

Aside from this, these expectant mothers are getting more attached to the babies in their wombs. The study was lead by Maria Muzik,M.D.,M.S. who is an assistant professor at the Center for Human Growth and Development. According to her, the mindfulness yoga is a very effective alternative to medication for pregnant women who are suffering from depression. This is also a great way of promoting the wellbeing of the mother and the baby.

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