Anthem of Indiana Health Insurance for Cancer Patients

Anthem of Indiana health insurance is not only for the healthy individuals but most especially for those who are suffering from serious illness such as cancer. The Affordable Care Act is trying to help these cancer patients by allowing them to obtain preventive services without any co-payments. One of the greatest breakthrough for cervical and throat cancer patients is being discovered by the scientists from the Queen’s Centre for Cancer Research. This new development targets cells which are non-cancerous and eventually treats the tumor or cancer. According to the researchers, these non-cancerous cells play a significant role in the spread of cancer cells.

This new discovery leads to the development of new cure by focusing on non-cancerous cells in order to prevent them from becoming cancerous. The research was conducted by Professor Dennis McCance. According to him, cancer can spread via two way communication between the non-cancerous cells and the cancer cells. Cancer cells can invade healthy cells. On the other hand, these healthy cells can also communicate with cancer cells and encourage them to invade.

However, if this communication will be stopped then the spread of cancer may be repressed. The researchers discovered that there is a specific protein found in non-cancerous cells which has the capability to close or open the communication between the cancer cells and the healthy cells. This protein is known as the Retinoblastoma protein. When this protein is activated, it can reduce the invasion of cancer cells which can prevent the spread of the tumor. The Rb protein is also found in cancer cells.

This is the first time that the scientists have discovered the important role of Rb protein in the healthy cells and how it can encourage or discourage the spread of cancer. Anthem of Indiana is one of the most trusted names when it comes to health insurance. To get quotes, visit us at or call us at (888) 355-7129.

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