Why You Need Indiana Major Medical Coverage

Indiana major medical plans can cover almost all types of health care that anyone needs.  You can select a single coverage for yourself or for two persons or for family coverage.  Family medical coverage can cover the entire members of your family.

An Indiana major medical plan is intended to cover the critical services such as preventive care, doctor’s visits, hospital and extended care, diagnostic tests, prescription drugs, emergency care, home health care and others.  The coverage in your major medical plan will depend on how much you pay for your plan.  The less common coverage includes physical therapy, vision care, maternity care, specialists’ care, family planning services, mental health care, chronic disease care, baby care and others.

If your Indiana major medical plan is only for single coverage then you can add your spouse by submitting an application and this should be done 31 days after your marriage.

  • If you want to include the coverage of a newborn or adopted child then you have to submit an application within 60 days from the birth or adoption.
  • If you have a family coverage then your adopted child or newborn can get coverage automatically.  The coverage will start from the first month that your application is received. The coverage for the spouse will be terminated once you get divorced.  The coverage of the dependent children will end if the dependent will turn 19 or in the event that he/she will marry.
  • Major medical coverage can be in the form of managed care health plans and indemnity health plans.

Indemnity health plans focus more on unexpected illnesses and it also permits patients to choose their own physicians.  We can provide you detailed information and more resources about major medical insurance; just call us at (888) 355-7129. You can also get comprehensive quotes at AcceptableAnswers.com.

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