Where to find information regarding Individual health insurance Indiana

Like all other states, there are various types of individual health insurance Indiana plans to choose from. These include a few state insurance programs as well as private health plans which are often bought by those who don’t have an employer-sponsored insurance plan as an option.

Indiana residents aged 19 to 64 could be eligible for a public health plan known as the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP). This health care program is state sponsored and is offered to those who meet the eligibility requirements. Residents who qualify are asked to contribute on a sliding-scale payments system each month. The cost is typically anywhere from two to five per cent of the family’s gross income.

The exact cost will depend on the income level and size of the family. Those who join HIP are then asked to select a primary care physician (PCP). This is the first person they visit when they need medical attention. The health plan also covers medical, hospital, diagnostic, and prescription drug services as well as mental health care.

The eligibility requirements state that you don’t have any access to a sponsored group health plan and you’ve also been without health insurance for at least six months. To find out more information on the HIP and all other types of individual health insurance Indiana you may want to contact a licensed and independent insurance agency such as Acceptable Answers by calling 1-888-355-7129 or visiting them online at www.acceptableanswers.com

We offer free services as we work closely with many of the leading insurance companies in the state. The cost of purchasing a health plan directly from the insurance provider is the same as it is when enlisting our help. Our representatives are specially trained and know the health care and insurance industry inside out. We can keep you updated with all of the health care regulations and rules in the state when it comes to both public health programs and private insurance plans.

For instance example, we will let you know that HIP can’t turn you down due to your current or past health condition. You can’t be turned down for insurance due to most pre-existing and chronic health conditions. If you suffer from a serious health condition, you could be placed in the enhanced-services part of the plan, meaning you’ll receive medical care immediately.

If you’re interested in private individual health insurance Indiana we’ll be able to obtain plan information and rates from the top insurance carriers in the state. The variety of health plans available includes hearing, dental, vision, short-term, long-term, critical care, and seniors’ coverage along with a range of life insurance policies. At Acceptable Answers we will be happy to help you locate the most suitable health plan for your budget and health care needs.

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