What can Blue Cross Blue Shield Indiana offer me?

Blue Cross Blue Shield is a group of health insurance companies that covers more than 100 million Americans, many of them living in Indiana. There are multiple plans that it offers to large employer groups, small businesses and individuals that are organized to address specific medical needs in Indiana:

Premier Plus

The PPO with the most medical benefits, this plan includes unlimited doctors’ visits with predictable copayments before deductibles. This plan also allows for choice of prescription drug coverage options and annual vision screenings with copayments.

Lumenos HSA Plus

If you’re looking for a PPO with financial flexibility, then this is the plan for you. It covers preventative care services without the burden of deductibles or coinsurance. Customers can choose from 50 percent, 20 percent or zero percent in-network coinsurance. This plan can also be paired with an optional Health Savings Account for additional flexibility and possible tax advantages.

SmartSense Plan

This plan is for people who just want the essentials covered. You can choose from different levels of deductibles and coinsurance, and also prescription drug coverage. Customers receive immediate coverage with predictable copayments for the first three doctors visits for each plan member per year.


The perfect plan for covering unexpected health emergencies, it allows patients to be protected for doctors’ and hospital visits, surgery and outpatient care. Once you hit the out-of-pocket maximum, all covered services are paid for the next year. This plan also allows access to Anthem’s discounts for eligible services.

Blue Cross Blue Shield doesn’t just offer health insurance. It also covers dental, vision and life insurance. It also offers Medicare choices: Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage or Part D plans. Another benefit offered are Health Savings Accounts.

Health Savings Accounts are flexible spending accounts that work with qualified High Deductible Health Plans to pay for certain medical expenses. Funds can also be used– tax-free– for future medical expenses. This account pays for plans before meeting the deductible, and then once the deductible is met, a customer’s health insurance plan kicks in and pays for the rest of treatment. The best part is that money not used becomes yours to spend any way that you want! But not everyone is eligible for a Health Savings Account. A customer cannot have Medicare benefits or be a dependent. With some exceptions, a customer also cannot have other forms of health insurance.

For more information about Blue Cross Blue Shield and its coverage options in Indiana, contact an agent at Acceptable Answers today!

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