Indiana Insurance Can Be Affordable!

Indiana insurance, available through Acceptable Answers to Insurance (AAI), can save you a lot of money in several different ways.

For instance, you can save money by having all of your policies with just one company. At AAI, you can get everything bundled together:

  • Homeowner’s insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Disability insurance

That’s a lot of insurance! Did you know you needed all that? Chances are, you have all but dental and life insurance.

According to Indiana state law, you have to carry auto insurance – at least $50,000 liability for personal injury and $10,000 for property damage.

You also must carry homeowner’s insurance, if you’re still making payments on your house. Lenders will not let you borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars on property that is not insured.

That leaves life, disability, and health insurance. Lots of people leave off life insurance when times get tight. But, what if something happens to you? I’m on the road a lot, and what if I’m in a wreck? It is well worth the premiums to make sure you have taken care of each other and the kids.

It’s the same with disability Indiana insurance. If you were to get some debilitating illness, or get injured and unable to work for a few months, you would be in trouble. You’d have to rely on savings to keep you going, so disability insurance is a great idea.

So, since you have to carry liability and homeowners insurance, and choose to carry disability and life insurance, it may be a good idea to go with one insurance company. Here’s where you can save money, because when you bundle Indiana insurance, you save a ton of money. The insurance company gives all kinds of discounts, since you can have your homeowners’, auto policies, disability policies, life insurance policies, and your dental policy all with them. Plus, you don’t have to mess with several different agents.

Our friendly insurance agents are here for you and are eager to help you find the best plan for you. Visit our website or call us toll free at (888) 355-7129.


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