How to find the best Insurance companies in Indianapolis

There are literally hundreds of insurance companies in Indianapolis that deal in health plans. There are also dozens of different health plans to explore and this combination of numerous insurance policies and providers can often make purchasing a health plan an arduous task. Some people simply don’t know where to start due to the surplus of options at their fingers.

While everybody is looking for an affordable health plan, there are also several other things to consider when deciding which of the insurance companies in Indianapolis you should deal with. You should be seeking a good combination of cost, service, and financial stability. The price isn’t the be all and end all of health insurance. If you purchase a health plan simply because it has lower premiums you may soon find out that it doesn’t offer the coverage you need.

A health plan isn’t really much good to you or your family if it doesn’t cover the services, prescription drugs, and procedures that you utilize. It’s important to know exactly what a health plan covers and what it doesn’t cover before agreeing to purchase it. You may need to add or subtract specific types of insurance coverage such as vision and dental to make sure it’s personalized for your unique medical situation.

You should also be looking for an insurance provider that offers timely service. It’s important that you can get in contact with your insurance carrier when needed and they reimburse you for health care costs in a timely fashion. In addition, the company should also be licensed to sell health insurance in Indiana and be financially stable. You’ll find ratings companies such as AM Best that provide free information on insurance company finances. If the insurance company is working out of somebody’s garage, you may want to check them out or move on to somebody else.

You can find help regarding health insurance companies and plans in Indianapolis by contacting a licensed, independent insurance agency such as At Acceptable Answers. We work closely with several of the top insurance companies in Indianapolis such as Travelers, Erie, Hartford, Humana, United Healthcare, and Anthem. We’ll gladly be able to request quotes from these insurance providers and many more until you find a health care plan that fully satisfies all of your health care needs and financial budget.

We’ll be able to gather information and rates on a variety of health plans and compare them next to each other to see which one is the most beneficial to you. We’ll recommend the best plan for your lifestyle and needs by giving you an unbiased opinion on your choices. To contact one of our health insurance agents for free assistance and quotes just give us a call at 1-888-355-7129 or contact us at

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