How Indiana Health Insurance Quote Can Affect Many People

Indiana health insurance quote can generally affect the lives of most people especially for those who need special care. The Affordable Care Act is mandating everyone of obtain health coverage in 2014. Most of the people that can be affected by this provision are those which do not have any kind of insurance coverage. Employers will also be facing penalties if they fail to provide health coverage to their employees. Business owners which have 50 or more workers are obliged to offer coverage to workers. Insurance companies will no longer deny coverage to those persons who have pre-existing conditions.

Individuals and families who do not have any health coverage will have to pay a penalty. This penalty will be collected every year along with the income tax. The Obama administration and the Democrats do not want to use the word tax. Instead, they want to call it as a penalty for failing to become responsible citizens. The law is considered as constitutional under the power of the federal government to impose taxes.
The law also includes new tax programs. For example, couples who are earning more than $250,000 and individual who are earning more than $200,000 will obtain new payroll taxes. Manufacturers for medical devices will also be paying 2.3% on their excise tax. According to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Obamacare is a bad law yesterday and today. But according to Obama, the new law prohibits anyone from being financially destroyed due to accident or illness. He further stated that this is a great victory to all the people around the country because their lives will now be more secured due to this law.

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