How Does the Health Care Law Affect Indiana Medicare Quotes

Requesting Indiana Medicare quotes can be a great idea for seniors; especially those who are suffering from chronic illnesses. The new health care law can provide a lot of benefits such as buying cheaper medications for the elderly and obtaining preventive services without any co-payments. Aside from this it also gives free vaccines for kids. Patients who have pre-existing conditions can now be guaranteed with health insurance coverage. People are required to buy an insurance policy or pay a penalty beginning 2014.

The Supreme Court ruling of the new health care law generally affects every American. The new law will make sure that everyone can obtain coverage even if they are sick or they need expensive health care. Typically, it allows poor people as well as middle income people to pay for the affordable cost of their health coverage. All insurers are required by the law to provide the people with their basic benefits such as preventive services without worrying about the co-payments.

The Supreme Court has upheld most part of the law but the most controversial one is the requirement for health insurance for every American or pay a penalty. According to the court, this penalty is considered as a tax and the federal government has the right to impose it. However, the Medicaid expansion program was not enforced by the Supreme Court. This means that states can choose not to expand their Medicaid eligibility. The federal government will not deny their Medicaid allotment if ever they choose not to participate in the program.

According to the Republicans especially the GOP congressional candidates and the presidential Republican nominee Mitt Romney, they will repeal the law if they win in the November election. We can provide you numerous Indiana Medicare quotes; just go to our website at We are working with the most trusted insurance companies; you can also call us at (888) 355-7129.

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