Disability Insurance in Indiana

Disability insurance in Indiana is available through Acceptable Answers to Insurance. It’s really worth my while to carry disability insurance.

A disability is an injury or illness that keeps you from working. Long term disabilities are would be something like cancer, heart disease, and back trouble, of one of many immune deficiency diseases like Multiple Sclerosis or HIV. However, 13% of the people who live in Indiana do have a disability of some sort. That’s in the 18 to 64 age group, which has the most drivers and fills the majority of the work force.

However, there are other types of disability that can strike. While you may be in good health, what if you don’t stay that way?

If you’re not covered by workman’s comp, what if you are injured or get sick, and can’t work for a while? That’s what disability insurance is for.

There are several different options for disability insurance in Indiana. First of all, there is the government option. Social Security Disability is an option, especially for long-term injuries or illness. There are over 165,000 people in Indiana on Social Security disability. The only problem is that it’s hard to qualify for SSDI, and the money isn’t enough to cover all your bills. Your office may also have a disability plan. Once again, check with the plan because the ones from the employers are often quite limited.

You can, however, get disability insurance in Indiana as an individual. This is available through your insurance agent, either through work or your private policy. In fact, most health insurance companies also sell disability. It’s called a voluntary benefit. You can ask your health insurance representative about it at the annual renewal meeting, if you have employer provided health insurance.

You can also go online to get disability insurance. Often, this will be less expensive. That’s because the company doesn’t have as many offices to support, since everything is done online. There will be offices strategically located throughout the area, with most business taken care of on the internet.

To figure how much disability insurance you need, add up any savings you have with the amount of employer disability or SSDI you would get. Then, subtract all of your monthly expenses. If you go into the red, then you probably need to get disability insurance in Indiana.

Our friendly insurance agents are here for you and are eager to help you find the best plan for you. Visit our website or call us toll free at (888) 355-7129.

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