Are you Eligible for Indiana Medicare?

Indiana Medicare is a federally endorsed health insurance plan. There are certain criteria that you will have to meet to be eligible to participate in the Medicare program. The criterion is pretty standard and is the same criteria across the US regardless which state you live in.

The Medicare program was revamped a few years ago and the resulting changes have opened up many different options for this health insurance. Medicare now offers private insurance options. The first step in finding Indiana Medicare insurance that will work for you is to determine your eligibility.

Indiana Medicare is a narrow niche program really. There are three main groups of people that are Medicare eligible.

  1. Group 1- Most people associate Medicare with seniors which is a correct association. The primary group that is eligible to receive Medicare benefits is the senior group. The senior group is made up individuals that are 65 and older. Eligibility can be affected by how much income above and beyond retirement you earn but most people are not affected by it.
  2. Group 2- Permanently disabled people that are receiving Social Security disability payments or Social Security Insurance payments are also eligible for Medicare.
  3. Group 3- Persons in end stage renal failure are also eligible for Medicare.
    If you believe you fall into any one of those three categories than you are very likely eligible for Indiana Medicare. Once you determine that you are eligible than it is time to think about exactly what you want your Medicare to do for you.

Once you are eligible for Medicare than you can participate in the many guaranteed acceptance plans that are available for Indiana Medicare eligible individuals. These plans range in comprehensiveness and in inclusiveness.

There are many options available to people that are eligible for Medicare. You can easily find a plan that will tailor fit your needs. Acceptable Answers can help you to determine if you are in fact eligible and what plan is best for your situation.

Having Acceptable Answers in your corner can make a world of difference! Call 1-888-355-7129 or submit your questions online! We are here to help!

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