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Where to Find Quality Indiana Health Insurance

When you are shopping for Indiana health insurance there are a few things that you should know. Quality Indiana health insurance is a bit different than simple health insurance. Quality insurance means that your health insurance provides you with coverage that you need without costing you a fortune out of pocket.

Most people consider the premium cost when they are considering which plan to purchase. The premium cost is important but it is by no means the bottom line cost. The bottom line cost is a combination of costs. A quality Indiana health insurance plan takes all those costs into consideration and still comes up with a cost that is affordable while not cutting back on coverage.

Here are two different scenarios when it comes to a health insurance plan. The first scenario – Plan A- offers a very low premium! That is great or is it? Let’s say Plan A costs $1ooo for a six month period. Plan A has a deductible of $1500 for general medical and a deductible for $5000 for hospitalization. Let’s also say that Plan A does not offer prescription drug coverage. It also has a cost share of 25% for doctor visits and diagnostic testing.

Over the life of Plan A you will have to pay out of pocket just for Dr.’s visits at least $1500 plus the 25% before your health insurance ever kicks in. Right out of the gate Plan A is costing you at a minimum $2500 doubles that by the year and you are looking at $5000 before your insurance ever pays out a dime. Looks cheap at first glance but not what we would consider a quality Indiana health insurance plan.

Take a look at Plan B. Plan B’s premium is going to cost you $1500 for a six month period but your deductible is $500. Your cost share is 15%. There is prescription coverage. So for the year your premium and deductible combined is going to be $4000 initial savings over plan A is $1000 but also consider your cost share is lower AND you get prescription drug coverage. This would be a quality plan.

Of course these two scenarios are just fiction set up to show you how you should determine if a plan is an Indiana health insurance plan. Scenarios do exist like this all the time; you have to be able to compare what you are being offered to find the quality is a health insurance plan.

We can help you find a quality Indiana health insurance plan today! Call or fill out the contact form and we can call you!

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Tips for Purchasing Indiana Auto Insurance

Purchasing auto insurance is required to legally register your vehicle for use it also provides you with protection against liability should you be involved in an accident. Auto insurance is notoriously expensive all across the country. Indiana auto insurance does not have to cost you an arm and a leg.

The main goal when you are shopping for auto insurance is to find a plan that is affordable but that also has coverage that you need. You want to keep your deductible relatively low while also keeping your premium relatively low as well.
Using these tips can help you to find an Indiana auto insurance that really works for you!

Tip # 1

Investigate your options! To find the right Indiana auto insurance plan you should investigate your options, this means no matter how good the first plan you are presented with you should still compare your options. Get other quotes for comparison. Acceptable Answers can provide you with quotes from several different carriers so that you can have a point of comparison.

Tip # 2

Speak frankly with your agent! Don’t be afraid to speak up. Ask your agent for exactly what it is that you want. A lot of people make the mistake of just kind of going along with the program. All agents are not created equally so if you are not completely comfortable with what your agent is offering find one that you are comfortable with. Keep in mind that some agents are not independent agents that they in fact work for the auto insurance company. Acceptable Answers is an independent agency! You do not have to worry about hidden agendas.

Tip # 3

Learn the lingo! Each industry has their own language. The auto insurance industry is no different. Acceptable Answers is more than just an insurance agency it is also a teaching agency. You can get free information from Learn the terms to help you make better decisions about your Indiana auto insurance options.

Finding an Indiana auto insurance plan that works for you and is affordable is very possible. Check out what Acceptable Answers can do for you today!

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How to Save On your Indiana Insurance

Saving money is so important these days! Saving money on your Indiana insurance needs can help you to keep your monthly bills in check! There are plenty of ways to save money and still get the coverage that you need.

You do not have to settle for insurance that is not going to provide you with the coverage that you deserve. There are plenty of cut rate or “discount” plans that are available but you have to proceed with caution because many times these cut rate or discount plans offer cut rate coverage.

Getting Free Quotes

Saving money on your Indiana insurance needs can be as easy as point and click. Acceptable Answers offers you the opportunity to review and compare insurance so that you can find a plan that is affordable that does not skimp on coverage.

Understanding first that you do have options and secondly that finding those options is not as difficult as it would seem. Acceptable Answers offers you a quick easy way to find the plans that are cost effective and comprehensive.

Getting free quotes can show you exactly which plans provide the route to saving money. At Acceptable Answers we are committed to providing you with competitive pricing and personal service.

How to Get the Quotes

We offer two ways to contact us. You can fill out the form at our website or you can call us toll free at 1-888-355-7129. We are here to help you find a plan that is pocket friendly yet comprehensive.

Being independent agents means we can provide you with options from many different Indiana insurance carriers. Our primary commitment is to you not the insurance carrier! We offer products for:

  • The Home
  • Your Health
  • Auto Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability
  • Business

Let us show you today how you can save money on your Indiana insurance! The process is quick and easy and free! You have no obligation to purchase anything at all, just the ability to compare your options with a great independent agent as your guide.

Get started right now by calling toll free 1-88-355-7129 or simply fill out the brief form at Acceptable Answers and an agent will contact you!

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Indiana Health Plans

There are many different carriers in Indiana that offer health plans but there is probably none better known that Blue Cross Blue Shield Indiana. The plans that are offered through Blue Cross are well known for providing health insurance that is affordable and comprehensive.

One of the primary reasons Blue Cross Blue Shield is so well known is because of their reputation for being a high quality carrier that is there when you need them to be. The fact that Blue Cross has a long history of providing top quality plans also does not hurt in making it one of the top carriers in the state.

The plans that Blue Cross Blue Shield Indiana offers are geared at many different demographics. Here are some of the plans that Blue Cross offers:

  • Employee Health Plans – employee health plans are some of the best known health plans that Blue Cross Blue Shield offers. The employee health plans through Blue Cross are comprehensive and affordable. You can secure employee health plans for your employees for groups from 5 into the thousands.
  • Individual Plans – Individual plans are used in cases where you only need coverage for one person, whether that person is married or not. An individual plan can provide the coverage that is needed for one person at a time!
  • Family Plans – Family plans provide coverage for your entire family. There are plenty of options to choose. You can choose from all inclusive coverage to a la carte type plans. The options are there and you can make the choice that best suits your situation.
  • Temporary Insurance Plans – Temporary plans are great when you are in between plans and need coverage. This is an ideal option for someone that has left one job and is waiting for the health plan to kick in from the new one. Students that are no longer covered by their parents’ health insurance also can benefit from a temporary plan.

At Acceptable Answers we offer all of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Indiana plans for your convenience. We can help you to find the right plan at the right price.

Contact us today for your free Blue Cross Blue Shield Indiana health plans quotes now!

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